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Protective Order Defense

Protective Order Defense

Being convicted of offenses like spousal abuse, stalking, harassment, or child abuse can have long-lasting repercussions, shaping the trajectory of your life by influencing employment opportunities and firearm ownership eligibility. While a restraining order may have originated from a family law proceeding, such as divorce or child custody case, it transforms into a criminal matter, necessitating the expertise of a lawyer skilled in protective order defense.

Should a judge issue a restraining order against you, it results in a permanent mark on your criminal record. It becomes crucial to vigorously contest the protective order whenever feasible. The ramifications are extensive and severe, making it imperative not to overlook the importance of mounting a strong defense.

We know that things are not always as they seem - or what the police thought they were when they made an arrest. Our attorneys insure that the judge has all the facts before deciding to hold someone accountable when involved in a family violence case.

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