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Child Abuse

Child Abuse

Child abuse or causing harm to a child constitutes a serious and intricate assault crime. Typically, this charge alleges that you either committed an act or neglected to take action, resulting in a child obtaining severe physical injury or enduring significant mental impairment. These charges are classified as felonies, with the degree of felony and potential jail time contingent upon the circumstances and the gravity of the alleged harm inflicted upon the child.

If you are facing accusations of child abuse or causing injury to a child, it is imperative to secure legal representation from an attorney well-versed in these charges and who who will aggressively safeguard your rights. Collaborative investigations by the police and Child Protective Services can lead to subjective criminal charges, emphasizing the need for a strong defense strategy.

Our legal team comprehends the dynamics of these changes, particularly assault and family violence, to see the bigger picture behind many allegations of injury to a child. Our expertise and deep understanding of the intricate laws governing matters of abuse allows us to meticulously scrutinize the prosecutor’s evidence to assess the potential strength of the charges and identify any available defenses.

Our strategy is centered on preparing each case for trial while simultaneously exploring alternative resolutions that may be suitable for your situation. We recognizes that these criminal charges often intersect with various challenges in your life, and our objective is to manage your case in a way that allows you to address the broader issues while we strive for a resolution that considers all aspects.

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