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Criminal Law

If you are currently under investigation or facing criminal charges, understanding your defense options and having unwavering support is essential. Our approach to criminal defense is client-centric, ensuring that decisions align with your preferences rather than pressuring you into undesired agreements. We present the facts, outline available options, and empower you to take control - with a team of seasoned criminal defense attorneys propelling your case forward.
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Domestic Violence

Being accused of domestic violence exposes you to charges carrying significant consequences that may persist for years. Defending against family violence allegations demands a proactive and informed attorney who comprehends the potential ramifications of a conviction and is committed to averting them.

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While driving under the influence may appear as a minor transgression, a DWI conviction carries substantial consequences. A first-time DWI conviction can lead to severe penalties, including a fine and the suspension of the driver’s license. Offenders may also face court expenses and potential jail time.

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Theft Crimes

Criminal charges that are considered theft include shoplifting, bad checks, burglary, robbery, identity theft, fraud, and embezzlement.

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Drug Charges

The state of Texas takes drug offenses very seriously, and so should you. The consequences for drug offenses, such as manufacturing, smuggling, cultivating, distributing, or possessing illegal narcotics, rank among the harshest in the country, encompassing substantial fines and potential life imprisonment for offenders. Unfortunately, many individuals find themselves incarcerated due to a lack of understanding their rights or the failure to enlist the services of an experienced lawyer.

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Sexual Assault

When someone is accused of a sex-related criminal offense, the immediate and profound impact on their life is likely. Allegations such as sexual assault can swiftly dismantle personal and professional reputations. More severe charges, including possession of child pornography or child sexual assault, may persist throughout a person’s life, even if they are ultimately found innocent. Understanding the specific crimes alleged and formulating defense strategies with an experienced attorney at your side becomes crucial when facing sexual assault charges.

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Juvenile Criminal Defense

At Schneider Law Firm, we take juvenile criminal defense cases as seriously as adult cases. The actions taken at this time in your son or daughter’s life could very well affect them for years to come. We want to ensure it helps them move forward in a positive way. We defend our clients against a wide range of juvenile criminal charges in juvenile court, including drug crimes, shoplifting, identity theft, criminal mischief, evading arrest, DUI, and assault.

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Federal Criminal Defense

While the majority of cases managed by attorneys are subject to state laws, it’s essential to recognize the existence of a federal criminal code in the United States. This code delineates crimes overseen by federal agencies and prosecuted by federal attorneys, with hearings conducted by federal judges in federal courts. The procedures governing these trials, encompassing evidence presentation to sentencing, differ significantly from those in state courts. Consequently, facing charges for a federal crime constitutes a distinct and unique legal situation.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I was charged with two felonies facing up to 20 years in prison. Mr. Schneider negotiated a plea deal for me that resulted in one felony charge being DISMISSED and the second one being reduced to a Misdemeanor. My punishment was 2 years probation. I cannot say enough good things about the professionalism and timely manner in which he handled my cases. If you want a highly intelligent and very competent attorney representing you, this is the attorney you want on your side fighting for you!"


"He was able to get my case dismissed before it went to trial which saved me hundreds of dollars. Unheard of with lawyers."


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