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Sexual Assault

When someone is accused of a sex-related criminal offense, the immediate and profound impact on their life is likely. Allegations such as sexual assault can swiftly dismantle personal and professional reputations. More severe charges, including possession of child pornography or child sexual assault, may persist throughout a person’s life, even if they are ultimately found innocent. Understanding the specific crimes alleged and formulating defense strategies with an experienced attorney at your side becomes crucial when facing sexual assault charges.

Despite the principle of considering everyone innocent until proven guilty, there is often a rush to judgement against those charged with sexual assault or related offenses. Alleged offenders experience a range of consequences, both in criminal courts and their personal lives. These accusations can result in the loss of community standing, hiring prospects, and influence decisions in family court.

Conviction for a sexual offense carries severe consequences such as lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines. Additionally, individuals are required to be registered as sex offenders, imposing restrictions on residency and employment. Our attorneys do everything possible to help our clients avoid this burden that is often applied unfairly.

If you are not guilty of a sex crime, it is clear that you need a strong defense to keep your freedom. A criminal defense lawyer can have a big impact on the severity of a sentence, and can clearly tell your side of the story for the jury and judge.


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