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Juvenile Criminal Defense

At Schneider Law Firm, we take juvenile criminal defense cases as seriously as adult cases. The actions taken at this time in your son or daughter’s life could very well affect them for years to come. We want to ensure it helps them move forward in a positive way. We defend our clients against a wide range of juvenile criminal charges in juvenile court, including drug crimes, shoplifting, identity theft, criminal mischief, evading arrest, DUI, and assault.

While a juvenile’s record has the potential to be sealed, concealing any past offenses committed during youth is not guarenteed, nor does it apply to all offenses. The process of expunging a juvenile record requires the expertise of a seasoned juvenile criminal defense attorney. It is important to note that records related to aggravated felonies, sex offenses, or cases where the remainder of the sentence is served in the adult criminal system cannot be sealed.

For cases where sealing is permissible, we must formally petition the court. In most instances, this process is only viable once you reach 21 years of age. However, if you were arrested for an alcohol violation addressed in municipal or justice court, we can file a petition to expunge the record, ensuring its confidentiality.

When a young person under age 17 commits a juvenile crime, they do not go into the adult criminal justice system. Their case is handled under a family law code, by a separate court overseen by the Texas Department of Juvenile Justice, and best handled by a juvenile criminal defense attorney.


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