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Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic Violence Charges

Allegations of domestic violence come with severe criminal repercussions and additional consequences. It is crucial to have legal representation that can proactively and vigorously address these charges to minimize their impact.

The role of our criminal defense attorneys is to articulate an alternative perspective and highlight mitigating factors, aiming to persuade the prosecutor or jury that the accusations lack merit, are exaggerated, or possibly fabricated for hidden motives. Through negotiation, we often seek resolutions that sidestep convictions and their ensuring consequences. In the event of a trial, our adept lawyers excel at introducing doubt into the minds of jurors regarding the events, questioning whether genuine harm or threat occurred.

Recognizing the high stakes involved, we commit to exploring every available avenue to either prevent a conviction or alleviate the associated penalties, including defending you at trial.

Consequences of a domestic violence conviction, in addition to jail time and a criminal record, include:

- Not being permitted to own or possess firearms
- Cannot obtain a Texas hunting or fishing license
- Your current or future employment may be affected
- There may be ramifications for divorce or child custody

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