Federal Crimes Defense

Defense Against Federal Criminal Charges

  • Do you suspect you’re being investigated by the feds?
  • Have you been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury?

Prosecution of federal criminal cases is not like state cases. Federal investigations have often gone on for years before charges are brought, resulting in a mountain of so-called evidence being thrown at a jury. And the required proof for a conviction is often much less than in state courts, stacking the deck in favor of the feds.

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing a good federal criminal defense lawyer can do to fight a federal criminal charge. It means your criminal defense attorney has to be prepared to fight that much harder. That’s what we do at the Schneider Law Firm. Contact our federal criminal defense firm when you’re in a tough spot: (817) 755-1852.

Thoroughly Prepared for the Strongest Defense in Federal Criminal Cases

Federal crimes defense lawyer, Emily LaChance, is admitted to practice in the Northern District Court. When she takes your case, she immediately begins her own investigation in order to prepare for trial. She’s not working alone: She has our entire legal team behind her to assist when needed, and so do you.

  • Emily defends clients against a wide range of federal criminal charges, including:
    Federal drug crimes (drug trafficking, drug smuggling)
  • Interstate child pornography or solicitation of a minor
  • Financial crimes of embezzlement or fraud
  • Federal weapons charges
  • Organized crime

Our goal is always your freedom, but when it comes to plea negotiations, thorough preparation helps us get better deals for our clients. Although there are federal guidelines that inform a judge’s decision on sentencing, judges can order less than the guidelines. We’ll put together letters, statements, and witnesses to back up our arguments for why a lesser sentence should be given.

Federal Crime Legal Consultation

The Schneider Law Firm is dedicated to defending your rights and protecting your future. Call (817) 755-1852 for a free consultation. Put our legal team on your side in court. We accept credit cards and can arrange payment plans.

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