Protective Order Defense

A conviction for spousal abuse, stalking, harassment, or child abuse can alter your life forever, affecting where you can work and whether you can own a firearm. Although the restraining order may have resulted from a family law case, such as a divorce or child custody case, it is now a criminal matter, and a lawyer that can provide a protective order defense is needed.

If a judge issues a restraining order against you, you will have a criminal record. It is important to fight the protective order whenever possible. The consequences are just too far-reaching and severe to let it go.

The family violence attorneys at the Schneider Law Firm work in both family law and criminal law. We understand how charges in criminal court can affect a legal case in family law court. Our team is well equipped to investigate and defend you against trumped up charges of abuse. Call our law office at 817- 755-1852 for immediate help.

Family Violence Charges During a Family Law Case

A domestic violence charge during a family law or custody case can have a huge impact on the outcome of your case. A protective order could result in the family court judge deciding that:

  • You are unfit to have joint custody of your children.
  • You cannot be trusted with unsupervised visitation with your children so you must see them only when others are present, or in a visitation facility.
  • Your former partner deserves to receive spousal support or a larger share of the community property because your “misbehavior” led to the end of the marriage.

At the Schneider Law Firm, we know that things are not always what they seems to be – or what the police thought they were when they came to the home and made an arrest. After we investigate, we sometimes find that the “victim” is, in fact, the perpetrator. We find that no abuse actually occurred but instead the “victim” is abusing the court system in order to get a more favorable outcome in a family law case. Or we may find that both parties engaged in abusive behavior but only one party is being accused.

The judge needs to know the facts before deciding to hold anyone accountable.

When Family Violence Has Occurred

Of course, there are cases when family violence really has occurred. Those folks need legal representation too. We represent clients in divorce cases who have made some serious mistakes, but who nonetheless do not want or deserve to lose the children they love.

Your past is not your future. We can advise you on steps you can take to prepare yourself to be a better parent. Attending anger management classes, addiction treatment, parenting classes, and other actions can help the family court judge see that you are serious about changing and that you deserve to remain in contact with your children.

When you need a strategic defense to protect your rights in criminal and family court, contact the Schneider Law Firm for a free consultation.