Family Violence

Family Abuse and Custody

Family violence – physical abuse, threats, stalking or child abuse – is a nightmare that affects millions of American families every year, cutting across race and class, age, and marital status.

At the Schneider Law Firm, we understand the challenges you are facing, wanting to hold your family together, trying to find the right way to respond to a difficult situation, while also needing to be safe.

Legal Help with Family Violence

At the Schneider Law Firm we focus on family law and criminal law. We can help you find a way to move forward, whether that means getting a protective order against a spouse, protecting a child by seeking supervised visitation, or defending someone falsely charged with abuse during a divorce proceeding.

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Protecting the Victims of Abuse

If you fear for your safety, or your child’s safety, it is important to know that you have options. One option is to petition the court for a protective order (sometimes called a restraining order). It is not difficult to get a temporary order for protection though the process can feel intimidating. A lawyer with our firm can help prepare your documents, will stand by you in court, and will follow with your case, through representing you at a second hearing if you want a permanent restraining order.

Learn more about the process of getting a protective order.

If the victim is a child, we can help you seek a protective order to remove an abusive parent or boyfriend/girlfriend from the home. We can help you bring a case back to the family court judge to modify the existing child custodyor visitation order to ask for supervised visitation.

Family Abuse Impacting Custody or Visitation

Our firm has handled several cases where charges of family abuse were made in order to influence a pending divorce and/or child custody case which is a serious mistreatment of justice. We will not stand by and watch our clients be falsely accused. We fight unjust protective orders and work to ensure our clients’ parental rightsare protected.

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