Family Law Attorney

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Many people find themselves in need of a family law attorney at some point in their lives. While divorce is the most common reason clients come to our firm, it is only one of the many things a family law attorney can do for you.

  • Family Law Issues Involving Children: Always challenging, child custody and child support decisions affect divorcing and never-married parents.
  • Family Violence: If your family has been affected by family violence – spousal abuse or child abuse – we can help you get protection. We also defend parents who have been accused of abuse.
  • Grandparent Rights: Grandparents do have rights under Texas family law. We work to protect those rights.

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Family Law Attorneys

Much of our family law practice involves helping clients through legal separation and divorce. While most people come to us saying they want to avoid divorce court with an uncontested divorce, sometimes family court really is the best or only way to protect their interests. This is particularly true in divorces involving complex assets and for clients whose work schedules make child custody and visitation difficult, like pilots, firemen, police officers and military personnel.

We serve military families living in Texas or in service overseas. Talk with our family lawyers about the unique challenges of military divorce.

At the Schneider Law Firm, we prepare every case with the thoroughness needed to go to trial. We are always prepared to fight for your interests in contested divorce cases involving spousal maintenance, child custody or complex property division.

Going Back to Family Law Court?

If your child custody agreement has become unworkable, your child support order no longer reflects your ability to pay or your child’s changing needs, we can help you take your case back to court for a modification of your court order. We also help clients with enforcement of court orders for child support or division of assets.

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