Child Abuse Defense

Child Abuse Allegations? Protect Your Rights!

Allegations of child abuse, also called injury to a child, can result in serious criminal charges in Texas. If you are charged with injury to a child, the Schneider Law Firm will take charge of your case. You can feel protected with our aggressive attorneys for injury to a child defense. In these cases, hiring an aggressive attorney who understands what is at stake is critical.

Help for Complicated and Serious Charges

Child abuse or injury to a child is an assault crime that is as complex as it is serious. Generally, the charge means that you are being accused of doing or failing to do something that caused a child to have a serious injury or a serious mental deficiency. These are felony charges, with the level of felony and potential jail sentence depending on the circumstance and the severity of the alleged harm to the child.

If you have been accused of child abuse or causing injury to a child, you need a lawyer who understands these charges and will aggressively protect your rights. Police and Child Protective Services may work together on an investigation, and the resulting criminal charges can be subjective.

Texas Child Abuse Allegations Attorneys

Our attorneys understand how these charges can play out. We focus on assault and family violence and practice family law, so we are familiar with the bigger picture behind many allegations of injury to a child. We understand the complex laws in this area, and we will scour the prosecutor’s evidence to determine whether the state can prove these charges and whether you have one of several defenses available to you.

Our approach is to prepare each case we have for trial and, if appropriate, identify other resolutions that may work for you. We understand that these criminal charges often come amid many other problems in your life, and our goal is to handle your case so that you are free to deal with the rest of your life while we work toward a resolution that takes all issues into consideration.

If you are charged with injury to a child, contact our law firm at 817-755-1852 or online to schedule a free initial consultation.