Domestic Violence

If you are accused of domestic violence, you are facing charges with the potential for serious consequences that can follow you for years. Family violence charges require an aggressive, knowledgeable lawyer who understands the potential effects of a conviction and will work to prevent them.

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

The domestic violence attorneys at the Schneider Law Firm know what is at stake in your case. For example:

  • A conviction will remain on your Texas criminal record forever because it is not eligible for expungement.
  • You may be banned from owning a firearm and prevented from obtaining a hunting or fishing license.
  • If you are involved in a divorce, your custody rights could be affected, and it may become easier for your spouse to obtain spousal support.

This is a high price to pay and is a major reason why our lawyers will aim to avoid a conviction if at all possible.

Defense From All Angles

The consequences of a domestic violence or assault conviction are especially harsh because many situations that lead to charges involve isolated incidents in which two people simply got into an argument. The alleged victim may not even be in support of the charges.

Our law firm sees these situations all the time, and from all angles because we also practice family law. Our dual practice allows us to take a comprehensive approach to your domestic violence charges.

We will aggressively defend you against the assault charges. Our criminal defense attorneys prepare every case for trial and then pursue alternatives that avoid a conviction and the serious consequences. We will fight protective orders that prevent you from seeing your kids. We will work to lessen the negative impact a domestic abuse conviction can have on a divorce or custody proceeding. We will respond to allegations of harassment or stalking.

Texas Lawyers Protection from Allegations

We will give you an honest assessment of your case and what your options are, and we will treat you with respect and without judgment. To schedule an initial consultation, call us at 817-755-1852 or contact us online.