Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is the simplest form of divorce. In an uncontested divorce, both people not only agree to get divorced, but they also agree on all of the issues of their divorce, such as:

  • A property settlement that fairly divides marital assets and debts
  • Whether one of the spouses will receive spousal maintenance, in what amount and for how long
  • Who will have custody of children and what kind of custody they will have (joint custody or sole custody)
  • How much visitation the other parent will have, and when
  • How much child support a parent will receive

If there are any issues of disagreement, the divorce is a “contested” divorce which is common at the beginning, but most people CAN arrive at a mutually agreeable solution after negotiations or divorce mediation.

Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

At the Schneider Law Firm, we are here to help, with a practical, problem-solving approach that allows our clients to end their marriage without the emotional drama and cost of a court fight. One of the ways our uncontested divorce lawyers do this is by helping our clients stay focused on their most important goals.

  • Are you eager to get your divorce done quickly so you can move on with your life?
  • Are you most concerned about maintaining a good working relationship so that the two of you can continue to be effective parents to your children?
  • Are you willing to give up a few more assets to avoid the expense of a legal battle?

The strategy we pursue in negotiations will be formed by your goals. You are in the driver’s seat.

Expert Resources When You Need Help

Another way we help clients reach uncontested divorce agreement is to ensure they have the information they need to make sound decisions. Do you need a financial advisor to explain the tax consequences of dividing a particular asset? Do you need an accountant to properly value your interest in a business? Would it give you greater peace of mind if you worked with a child psychologist to gain insight into how your child is dealing with the divorce? We can help you secure those expert services.

Call our Attorneys for a Simple Uncontested Divorce

The benefits of early agreement can be substantial. Contact the Schneider Law Firm to speak with an experienced divorce attorney who is committed to helping you meet your goals in divorce. Call 817-755-1852 or email us to schedule a free initial consultation.