Military Divorce Lawyers

Proudly Representing Those Who Served Our Country

If you or your spouse are a member of the United States Armed Forces, and you are facing divorce, you should carefully consider your choice of attorney. Military members face unique challenges in the divorce process. The Schneider Law Firm can provide custom family law legal representation aimed at protecting you individually, your children, and your assets.

Unique Issues in a Military Divorce

We can help you address several divorce-related matters as they apply in your unique situation:

  • Child support: Calculating child support can become more complex if one parent is deployed overseas, as tax issues may come into play.
  • Child custody: The process of determining child custody and a parenting plan may be especially complicated if one parent is deployed overseas.
  • Military retirement benefits: Both state and federal laws protect both spouses’ access to military retirement benefits upon divorce. The division varies depending on several factors, including the length of the marriage, and the length of active-duty service.
  • Modifications: Our firm can help you pursue a modification of child support, alimony, or child custody if your circumstances have changed.

Military Divorce Lawyers

Our firm makes it easy for deployed military members to move through the divorce process. We can conduct all correspondence via e-mail or phone, while sending out important documentation promptly through the mail. We have represented numerous military members in the past, and understand how each client’s needs, goals, and situation vary. We customize our legal representation to fit the needs of military members currently living in Texas, and those stationed throughout the U.S. and overseas.

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