Modifying Child Support

What You Need to Know About Modifying Child Support

It is possible to modify child support – either up or down – if individual parties affected by child support experience a significant change in circumstances. For example, if one parent suddenly loses his or her job and cannot afford child support, the amount may be reduced after seeking a child support modification. There are many other reasons why individuals may seek to modify child support.

The Schneider Law Firm represents individuals in child support and related legal matters. If you are seeking to modify child support, you must first seek approval from Texas family courts. It is advisable to speak to a lawyer to determine your specific options for seeking a modification.

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When Can Child Support Be Modified?

Texas family courts will carefully consider the reason(s) why parties are seeking to modify a child support order. Keep in mind, however, that despite your alleged changes in circumstances, the court makes its determination with a focus on the best interests of the child involved. The financial well-being of the children is always considered.

Some common reasons why the court may approve a child support modification include:

  • A significant increase or reduction in income
  • A change in the child’s financial needs
  • A change in child custody

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