Divorce and Children

Understanding and Minimizing the Impact of Divorce on Children

An overwhelming concern – even fear – for most parents considering divorce is how this change will affect their children. It is no different for parents who were never married and are now separating.

Major family changes do impact children. How difficult the adjustment is, and how long it takes for children to feel secure and “back to normal” will vary greatly, depending on the resilience of the child, the actions of the parents, the stability of the child”s social network, and the resources available for them in their overall environment.

In fact, these are factors that a Texas family court judge will consider when making a rule on what is in the “best interest of the child” in a child custody case.

At the Schneider Law Firm our child custody lawyers are advocates for parents and their children in Texas family court. Contact our law officeto learn how we can help you:

  • Protect your parental rights in a child custody case
  • Secure child custody or negotiate ample visitation with your child
  • Obtain child support, get a judge to modify an existing child support order, or enforce a child support order if you are owed back support
  • Ensure the safety of a child who has been the victim of abuse
  • Protect your child”s important relationships, including their relationship with grandparents

Protecting the Interests of Children in Divorce Cases

Texas family courts have several procedures in place to protect children and to help parents resolve disputes about child custody. For example, an independent mediator is often assigned to work with parents in contested child custody case. These independent mediators are often former judges who have a lot of insight to share.

The family court judge may also appoint an attorney for your children if the judge believes your children”s interests are not being adequately represented which is more likely to happen in a hotly contested case.

If there are concerns about the parenting abilities of a parent, the judge may order that parent to attend psychological counseling, anger management counseling, or parenting classes. While family court judges strive to ensure children have access to both parents, when there is concern for the safety of a child the judge may require that the parent visit the child only in a supervised setting.

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