Enforcement of Court Orders

Getting the Back Support and Property You Are Owed

You have a judge’s order proving that you are owed something – money or property and that should be enough to get you what you are owed, but sometimes it is not enough. Court order enforcement can be exhausting, and more times than not you need to put pressure on the other party to have the court orders enforced.

Court Order Enforcement

Contact the Schneider Law Firm at 817-755-1852 for prompt and effective legal help to enforce court orders if:

  • You are owed back child support
  • You are owed back spousal maintenance
  • Your former spouse refuses to retire or to give you access to the pension funds that you are supposed to receive
  • You have not received your share of the investments or property that you were promised in your divorce property settlement agreement
  • You believe that your partner sold assets for far less than they were worth or misappropriate some of the money that should have gone to you, depriving you of your fair share

Noncompliance Consequences

If you have a court order, a family law attorney can use a number of strategies to have the court orders enforced and get the money you are owed or to compel the other party to turn over property. At the Schneider Law Firm, we are not afraid to use every means available to get our client the money they are owed.

This may mean garnishing wages or finding and attaching bank accounts. It can be punitive actions that the court takes to enforce a child support, spousal maintenance, or property division order, such as loss of a driver’s license, a professional work license, or even arrest and jail time.

Negotiating Repayment of Back Support

In some cases, the debtor wants to make payments but does not have sufficient income to do so. Our family law attorneys can help the parties arrive at a repayment plan or negotiate some other way to satisfy the enforcement of the court orders.

We urge you, if you are owed money or if you are in arrears with your child support, to work to address the problem now. Do not let months or years go by, compounding the problem. Talk to a child support enforcement lawyer today. Contact the Schneider Law Firm to schedule a free consultation.