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When family matters become legal matters, the anxiety, stress, and fear you feel can seem almost unbearable. You need to feel confident that the legal process is going to resolve these issues for the best. You need the competent, experienced representation of the skilled legal team of the Schneider Law Firm.

At the Schneider Law Firm in Arlington, TX, we lift the weight off your shoulders by taking on the responsibility for your family law case. When you place your case in our capable hands, rest assured that we are going to do everything we can to resolve matters for the best possible outcome.
As your family law team in Arlington and Mansfield, Texas, the Schneider Law Firm is always on your side.


Divorce can be a difficult and emotional experience for all parties involved. Whether you are considering filing for divorce in Arlington or have been served with divorce papers, you want the most experienced attorneys available to protect your interests and help you start to move forward again.
The dedicated family law attorneys at the Schneider Law Firm have the experience, skill, and training to handle the complexities that can arise during divorce proceedings. From alimony to property division, custody to child support, we are skilled in the intricacies of divorce and family law in Texas.


Child custody issues, no matter when they arise, are a sensitive topic. Protecting your children’s’ rights, as well as your parental rights, is critical to a successful transition for both parents and children. Specific laws in Texas regarding child custody are crucial for your attorney to fully understand, as well as the customs and practices of our family law court system.
Our child custody lawyers are dedicated legal advocates for parents and children moving through the process of divorce. We know that understanding the rules of conservatorship, possession, and access to children is key to creating a custody plan that works for everyone.

Custody Modifications

There are times after a divorce in which existing custody arrangements must be modified. Parents who relocate, remarry, have a change in work schedule, or an illness may be unable to comply with the original arrangement, and require a custody modification.
As knowledgeable family law attorneys, we at Schneider Law Firm will examine your specific situation and work with you to develop the custody arrangements that best meet the needs of both the parents and the children.

Child Support

Whether or not a couple is married, they are both responsible for the financial support of their children. Texas court judges use a specific formula to determine child support based on the adjusted net income of the parent required to pay support (obligor), the number of children involved in the case, and the total number of children the obligor has a duty to support. Additional factors such as childcare, school tuition, and special needs may also factor in.
As seasoned family lawyers in Arlington, we will help ensure the court is presented with an accurate reflection of each parent’s income, as well as any other information that can impact the child support formula. Additionally, we will assist you with either prosecuting or defending the enforcement of child support orders. As always, our goal is to make this process as stress-free as possible for you.

Child Support Modifications

Sometimes circumstances change, and should a parent lose his or her job resulting in a significant reduction in income then child support needs to be modified. Other reasons for child support modification can include a change in the child’s financial needs or a change in child custody.
Child support modification must be approved by the Texas family courts. With expert legal guidance, we at the Schneider Law Firm can help ensure that child support is both equitable and adequate to provide for the needs of the child.


Along with the joy of adoption comes the complexities of the adoption legal process. Whether you are adopting a relative’s child, a foster child, or a child from overseas, the process can be complicated and at times, even intimidating.
At Schneider Law Firm, our staff has years of experience facilitating the legal process of adoption. We believe that building your family and opening your home and heart to a child should be a happy experience, not one that produces anxiety.

Protective Orders

Families and children deserve to live a secure life without fear. But if someone is threatening you or your children’s safety and well-being, you can do something about it. You can safeguard yourself from violence with a protective order granted by the Texas family courts.

The team at Schneider Law Firm takes this responsibility very seriously. We are committed to both your safety and your peace of mind. We will assist with the completion of necessary paperwork and accompany you to court to obtain either a temporary or permanent protective order.

We also stand ready to fight against the consequences of a protective order. We know how far-reaching a protective order can be when it comes to family life and we are here to help you tell your story as well as advocate for your rights as a parent.

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At Schneider Law Firm, we are passionate about what we do. We see our clients as people first, many of whom are scared or confused about the legal process. We are here to not only represent you, but to reassure you by guiding you through this process with all the knowledge and experience we can bring to your case. We offer all clients a free initial consultation to give you an accurate picture of what to expect and what you can or cannot do.
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