Spousal Support Lawyers

Alimony can become an issue in a divorce. At the Schneider Law Firm we represent clients in divorce proceedings, including those where spousal support will be a factor. We offer a free consultation where we can discuss your divorce case and financial circumstances.

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What is Alimony?

Alimony (also called spousal support or spousal maintenance) is sometimes awarded to one spouse after a divorce is finalized. The goal of spousal maintenance is to provide the less-moneyed spouse with enough financial resources to maintain the lifestyle established during marriage. Spousal support can be issued temporarily or long-term and can be modified under certain circumstances.

How Is Alimony Determined in Texas?

Alimony is not automatic in a divorce. There is no presumption the ex-wife will receive financial support, and the ex-husband will pay it – or vice versa. Texas family courts consider specific factors when determining if financial support to a spouse will be awarded in a divorce:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The age of each spouse
  • The earning capacity of the less-moneyed spouse
  • Non-financial contributions to the marriage (raising children, for example)
  • Other factors

It is important to speak to a divorce attorney that is well versed in Texas alimony laws. Our lawyers will learn the details of your situation, and communicate how your case will be affected. As experienced lawyers in alimony matters they can help you understand your rights, obligations and they will work to ensure that your financial interests are being protected throughout the legal process.

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