Will Your Divorce Be Contested or Uncontested?

Most people go into a marriage happy with their partner. They can’t imagine living in a world without each other, and life seems wonderful. But this initial romantic feeling sometimes wears off after the “honeymoon phase,” and the reality sets in that marriage is hard work.

For some people, the problem ends up being bigger than some mild road bumps. It turns out they’re completely incompatible. A high percentage of married couples end up getting divorced, but not all divorces are the same. Some are simple and uncontested, while most end up as contested divorces.

What’s the Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce?

If a couple agrees to an amicable split, and all of the details are accepted by both parties, that’s referred to as an uncontested divorce. While this isn’t a common form of divorce, it’s certainly ideal when possible.

In an uncontested divorce, each spouse agrees on all facets of the divorce: division of marital assets, spousal maintenance, child custody and visitation, etc. However, real life normally plays out differently, and people tend to disagree about one or many matters of divorce. This scenario is referred to as a contested divorce.

Divorces are often heated with each side wanting what they deem as “fair.” There are arguments on matters such as how to divide pensions, estates and other finances. If kids are involved, the situation can turn ugly quickly as both parents try to fight for custody and prove why the other spouse isn’t fit for the responsibility.

Contested divorces are often brutal battles simply because of the emotional baggage and history between spouses. Simply put, a mutual agreement sometimes can’t be reached because one or both parties doesn’t want the other side to “win.”

While most divorces are contested initially, it’s possible to work toward an agreement that makes both sides happy. The key to finding a middle ground is to consider how quickly you want the divorce finalized.

How can you give your children their best possible futures? What are you willing to compromise to avoid an expensive legal fight? An experienced divorce attorney will be able to give you counsel to determine the best steps going forward.

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