Why Divorces Can Be Harder for Military Families

The people who serve in the United States military know about sacrifice. They often spend years away from home and their families, putting themselves into dangerous circumstances and distant locations to serve our country and fight for our freedoms.

People in the armed forces face major hardships in their line of work, and unfortunately, they’re not exempt from struggles at home either. Just like with civilians, family troubles are inevitable for military members, and sometimes their marriages simply don’t last. However, unlike civilians, divorce can be more complicated for military families.

Divorce Brings Unique Challenges to Military Members

Civilians can face many hardships when going through a divorce. But generally, they can at least depend on consistency and stability when it comes to their work arrangements and where they live.

A career in the armed forces can be complex for many reasons, but one of the biggest challenges is that military members aren’t in control of where their work is located and how long they’ll be away from home.

Depending on the situation, they could be living at home with their family in the United States only to receive notice that they’re being sent overseas for weeks, months or even years. Obviously, this can play a factor in adding strain to a relationship that might already be having trouble.

Even once a couple decides to divorce, the uncertainty of where the military member will be staying at any given time can complicate decisions. For example, determining child custody and parenting time can be tricky if one parent is located in the United States while the other is stationed overseas or has a job that requires abrupt location changes.

In addition to the uncertainty of travel and distance, there are other factors that make divorce harder for military members–for example, the distribution of retirement funds. Under federal and state laws, both spouses are allowed access to military retirement benefits when a couple gets divorced. How the funds are divided is based on how long the couple was married and how long the military member is/was on active duty.

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