The Perception of Divorce Is Evolving

In the past, divorce was considered problematic or even shameful. Without even considering the potential problems within the marriage, people would cast judgment on those who sought a new start. Fortunately, over time, attitudes toward divorce have evolved.

Even in places as metropolitan as Arlington, society’s opinions about divorce will never be fully settled. There may always be communities and instances where seeking a divorce will earn you disapproving comments or even hostility. But there is no doubt that most Americans are more understanding about a marriage ending than they once were.

The Language of Disapproval

In the not-so-distant past, a divorced parent and their children would live in what was referred to as a “broken home.” Somehow, a supposedly “unbroken” home marred by neglect, substance abuse or even violence was considered intact, but a post-divorce home was not.

How we refer to things can have a strong impact on how we perceive them. Using language that suggests a failure when talking about divorce will lead us to think of it in a negative light.

Divorce is not always a failure. In many cases, both former spouses end up better off than they were in the marriage.

Having a Support System

The best way to avoid feeling stigmatized is to maintain a support system of trusted friends and family. The opinions of strangers are hard to change, but they also matter very little. Staying close to people who love and care about you can help you overcome the feelings of social isolation that can accompany divorce.

Divorce Celebrations

While not the norm, there is a growing trend of people celebrating their divorce with a party or a ceremony. Whether you consider your divorce something to celebrate is a personal issue.

If you share children with your ex, it’s important to think about your kids when considering these celebrations. You understand your divorce in ways your children likely do not.

Your Feelings Matter

It’s possible that you’ll feel stigmatized by your divorce for entirely personal reasons. If you blame yourself or experience feelings of guilt, you may come to believe that others are judging you as well.

Coming to terms with the end of a marriage can be a struggle. If you’re struggling, it may be wise to consider counseling to help you move forward.

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