While the Dallas Mavericks season was a disappointment to fans in Fort Worth and around the nation, hope is strong for a rebound next season.

Of course, the basketball playoffs continue without the Mavs, with their Texas rivals, the Spurs, headed to the NBA finals. The Spurs’ biggest star, Tim Duncan, is headed at the same time to court with his wife who has filed for divorce.

The NBA great reportedly hired a private investigator a year ago to watch his wife, apparently suspicious that something was wrong. While the media reports we read didn’t include any findings from that investigation, they did note that Duncan’s wife of 12 years, Amy, filed for divorce in March. About three weeks ago, she left the Duncan family home.

The couple has two children; media reports didn’t include news of any pending custody battles, however.

The basketball great is asking the family court to delay proceedings in his divorce because the basketball court “is currently making extraordinary demands on him and hopefully will continue to make those demands for the next 30 or so days.”

Duncan’s wife stated in court documents that the marriage is “insupportable because of discord and conflict.”

Tim Duncan stated in court documents that he wants the couple’s prenuptial agreement enforced.

He and Amy tied the knot four years after he was the number one pick in the 1997 draft. A succession of contracts over the course of his career have paid him many millions of dollars. The latest deal with the Spurs was for three years and $36 million, signed last season.

In other NBA divorce-related news, L.A. Lakers point guard Steve Nash recently told a judge that he has no plans to retire. The 39-year-old is trying to stop his ex-wife from moving with their children to California, where he lives.

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