A prominent Texans running back is facing claims that he fathered a child last year. The woman — who has chosen to keep her identity a secret — alleges that Arian Foster is the father of her unborn child. If DNA testing proves this to be true, then the Texas football star will be responsible for child support payments.

The woman, known only by the name Brittany, claims that after she broke the news of her pregnancy, Foster insisted that she have an abortion. According to Brittany, the insistence quickly moved beyond that and crossed into harassment. She claims that his family also hounded her.

Foster is already married and has been since 2011. However, Brittany says that she has already had a DNA test performed on her unborn son, and the results confirm her claims. According to her, Foster being the father is virtually impossible to argue, as the results showed a probability of 99.9%. In addition to child support, Brittany has also filed for a restraining order to protect her from the emotional distress that she says Foster has caused her.

In some child support cases, it is necessary to first determine paternity through a DNA test before a child support order can be made. In this case, if testing shows that the Texas football player is the father of Brittany’s son, Foster will have to pay child support. The judge will take his pay and any children he has from his current marriage into account before establishing a support order.

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