While some people like to believe that once they get married they will stay with that person in complete love and happiness, but unfortunately, that is not always the case and couples decide to separate. Many factors typically go into the decision for a couple to divorce. Those factors could range from couples having serious disagreements about money to extramarital affairs, and the location where a couple lives could even potentially have an effect on the success of a marriage as different locations can sometimes have significant variations in divorce rates.

A recent report disclosed the average number of divorced individuals who separate per year in each state. The state with the highest divorce rate was listed as having 14 per every thousand residents, and the state with the lowest divorce rate was listed as having six per every thousand. Texas fell in the middle of the spectrum with 11 divorce cases per thousand per year.

The factors that go into separation proceedings also vary in different states. The fees and processing time associated with filing for divorce can range significantly. Texas once again fell in the middle range with a fee of $235 on a spectrum ranging from $52 to $409 depending on the state and a minimum processing time of 240 days on a spectrum ranging from zero days to 540 days.

Other factors may also be considered such as how easy it is to file for divorce in a given state. Nonetheless, couples contemplating divorce may find the statistics for their state eye opening. Texas residents who are going through the divorce process or who may be beginning the process could find such statistical information as well as information on laws regarding marital separation beneficial as they make their decisions.

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