When a couple decides to call it quits, some people may wonder about the reasons behind the marital split. While divorce can be a very personal subject, research from 2013 has shown that some factors make divorce more likely. Texas residents in the process of divorce may even find that some common reasons for divorce apply to them as well.

Research indicates that married couples with significantly different drinking habits divorced at a higher rate than those who drank more similarly. In a study involving over 600 married couples during almost the first decade of married life, marriages with one partner who drank heavier than the other ended in divorce roughly half of the time. Partners who were on the same page with drinking divorced at a rate of only 30 percent.

When purchasing a family home, the commute should be an important factor. A recent study revealed that if one partner has a 45-minute or longer daily commute, they are much more likely to divorce a partner who spends less time driving to work. Couples with shorter drives to work are more likely to stay married than their counterparts who spend long hours on the road.

As many know, there is no one cause for divorce. A culmination of factors and stresses may push on a marriage until divorce is the only logical answer. However, that does not mean that some of the causes for divorce can’t be avoided. For Texas couples, ensuring that drinking habits are kept mostly on equal footing and cutting down on commute times can be two helpful ways to try to avoid divorce. Sometimes though, divorce may become inevitable despite precautions taken, and couples may wish to research their rights under the law.

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