Parents in Texas can vary from household to household, but one thing they can agree on is that children are expensive. Newborn days are filled with weekly trips to buy expensive diapers and formula, not to mention daycare costs that must be factored in. As children get older, it only gets more expensive, with most kids needing school clothes, shoes, extracurricular costs for schooling and even braces. It is not fair for parents to have to deal with this financial struggle alone, so the noncustodial parent will generally be held responsible for expenses, too. A failure to meet this obligation can have serious consequences, like the 10 parents who have just been arrested in Texas for failure to pay court-ordered child support.

Officials in Texas feel that it is time for parents to be held accountable. Without necessities children need to grow and thrive, they are likely to suffer as a result. Police officers banded together with the Attorney General of Texas after agreeing that it a huge moral, but more importantly legal obligation to pay the child support that is ordered to these children. They feel that it is their duty to not fail the young children of Texas.

As a result of the two departments sharing the same views regarding child support enforcement, a sweep was put into motion. Police officers met up around 4:30 a.m. in hopes of arresting the parents who were allegedly in violation before they headed out to work for the day. The sweep was very successful, according to officers, and 10 people were arrested. The roundup for child support avoiders has been taking place since the beginning of October, and this sweep took the tally up to 19 violators arrested.

At the heart of the matter is the fact that parents who have their children living with them need child support to help care for their children. Raising children is costly, and it is not fair to place all of the financial strain on these men and women who are raising the future of Texas. Providing children their basic needs is the most important thing for these kids’ lives, and chances are they will not be able to thrive without having access to these necessities.

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