Texas couples facing divorce due to arguments about money may be interested in a recent study. The study concluded that arguments about money are the top predictor of divorce, regardless of the economic situation. Money was even more of a significant factor than time spent together, in-laws, intimacy and chores.

Why do fights about money so often lead to divorce? The study cited three reasons. Fights over money occur during times of great financial stress. Also, if one person in the relationship has specific ideas of how money should be spent and their partner disagrees, arguments can result. Lastly, arguments about money are sometimes the cover for deeper problems in a relationship.

Those Texas couples seeking divorce could benefit from an understanding of the reasons their relationship is ending and how to end their marriage without continued distress. Knowing that conversations about money can be incredibly difficult a couple may decide a mediator could be helpful in making their conversations more productive when discussing the division of monetary and other assets. Divorce is often an incredibly difficult emotional time and couples can often have significant issues making decisions that are not emotionally based.

Regardless of whether a couple is ending their marriage due to arguments about money or any other reason it can be important for the couple to have support during the process. Given the various facets in many divorces, such as high net worth property division, child custody decisions and spousal support, it can be difficult to maintain objectivity and make decisions in the best interests of all parties involved. Due to this fact, some couples consider alternative dispute resolution techniques or find collaborative divorce a viable option.

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