Seeking Custody of Your Grandchildren: 3 Things to Consider

At our Ft. Worth law firm, we often talk with grandparents who would do anything for their grandkids and who are heartbroken over family situations that prompt them to seek custody. If you’re thinking of taking action to gain custody of your grandchildren, here are three things to consider.

1. The Law on Grandparents’ Custody in Texas

Under Texas grandparents’ rights law, there are a number of reasons why grandparents may seek custody of their grandchildren. Generally, grandparents may file a lawsuit to request custody if they believe it is in the child’s best interest.

You may be eligible to gain custody if the child’s parents have substance abuse problems, if they are incarcerated, or if the child is abused or neglected. You may also be able to gain custody if the child’s parents are unable or unwilling to provide care and consent to you having custody, or when the child has already lived with you for six months.

2. Consider the Whole Situation

If you’re thinking about child custody, consider the whole situation—both the short and long-term implications. If a family fight has led you to see less of your grandchildren than you would like, options outside of the courtroom may yield better results in the long run.

Sometimes, when the child is being cared for in a loving environment—even if it doesn’t meet with your approval—working through a mediator or a family counselor can help you and your family find ways to protect your relationship with your grandkids. In these cases, filing a lawsuit can actually backfire; you’re not likely to succeed in your attempt to gain custody, and you’ll burn bridges with your family in the process.

3. When and How to Get Involved in a Child Custody Matter

There are many situations, however, when it’s critical to act to protect your grandchildren’s best interests. If you believe that they are being abused or neglected or if their parents’ risky behaviors are putting them in danger, speak with a lawyer right away.

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