Schneider Law Firm Operations And COVID-19

To Whom It May Concern:

The Schneider Law Firm is dedicated to continue helping and offering our services to our  community during these difficult times. If you are a potential client, please contact your nearest Schneider Law Firm location or visit our website for more information. While we will continue to be available for in-office consults, we will also be happy to schedule immediate phone conferences with any of our skilled family or criminal law attorneys in order to follow all current healthcare recommendations. If you are a current client; please review the information below as to the current status of cases in Tarrant County, Texas.

In a response to the current COVID-19 situation, five of the Tarrant County Family Court Judges have cancelled their dockets beginning Monday, March 16 through April 1, 2020. The only matters that will be heard are those considered “essential proceedings” which include: extraordinary relief TROs, protective orders, CPS hearings such as removals, status reviews and permanency review hearings, writ of habeas corpus proceedings and/or attachments, adoptions, and child support bond releases. If your case is considered “essential,” your attorney will be contacting you directly. If you have a hearing or trial in a divorce, modification or SAPCR in these Courts between now and April 1, 2020, it has been cancelled. Your attorney will be working with opposing counsel or the opposing party in these cases to determine whether any agreements or settlements can be made outside of court. Should the need for a hearing arise, all hearings will be rescheduled for some time after April 1, 2020 or as soon as the Court’s dockets reopen.

The 360th District Court has taken a different stance and will be available to hear matters between March 16, 2020 and April 1, 2020. The 360th District Court will approve all agreed Motions for Continuance and any non-agreed motions will be submitted to the Court by written argument. This Court will not require parties to appear in person and will allow videoconferencing or teleconferencing, if preferred. TeamSLF attorneys will be contacting our clients with hearings in the 360th District Court between March 16, 2020 and April 1, 2020, to determine a course of action.

For questions regarding Spring Break 2020, the Judges in Tarrant County have issued a statement asserting that spring break possession shall end according to the previously scheduled spring break as set forth in the school calendar for the applicable school district. This means you will follow the original spring break schedule as according to your underlying order or the dates originally designated for Spring Break 2020 by the school district in which your child resides. Your spring break schedule should not be effected by any Spring Break extensions made by your school district in recent days. All other periods of possession shall continue as previously ordered or as agreed to by the parties.

For criminal matters all Jury Trials in Tarrant County have been canceled until April 17, 2020. All court dockets for clients not in custody have also been canceled. If you have a bail bondsman you report to or are reporting to Pretrial services per order of the court CONTINUE TO DO SO.

To our current clients: The Schneider Law Firm will meet with current clients by phone conference or email, unless otherwise directed by the client. The Schneider Law Firm will continue to keep our clients updated and informed as situations change or progress. We would encourage all clients to be patient and understanding as we try and navigate this unprecedented event. 

We appreciate you working with us. 


P. Michael Schneider & Staff