Protecting Your Child Against an Abusive Family Member

First, if you’re in danger because your spouse is violent and you’re able to get away, leave quickly and get to a safe location. Call the police and then call the DFPS Texas Abuse Hotline at 1-800-252-5400.

Your Options for Protection Against Abuse

Nobody should have to endure an abusive family member. If your spouse is abusing you and/or your child, you have the right to go to court and file for protective orders. Potential protective order options include:

Restraining Order (Temporary Protective Order)

This is a 14-day order, and the sheriff will serve it to the accused abuser. This meeting is only between you and the judge (and an attorney if you’d like one present). The accused will not be present.

During the 14 days of the restraining order, the accused will be required to follow conditions that could include moving out of a shared living space, staying a set number of feet away from you and/or your child, not communicating with you in any way or a variety of other conditions.

Permanent Protective Order

If you still don’t feel safe after your initial restraining order is complete, youll need to have a second hearing to be able to file for a permanent protective order. Despite its name, this type of restraining order lasts up to two years.

This second hearing is different from the first. Unlike the initial hearing, spouses are able to defend themselves against the accusations and both of you will need an attorney by your side. This is more like a traditional court case in which both parties will need to present evidence to back up their claims and make a case.

Get Protection Against Abuse Today with the Help of an Arlington, TX Family Violence Lawyer

You and your child deserve to be safe from abuse. If you don’t want to file for a protective order on your own, were here to guide you. If you’re looking for a permanent protective order, we can be by your side and build a case to get your desired outcome.

Call 817-799-7125 to speak with an Arlington, TX family violence lawyer at the Schneider Law Firm. Theyll help you take action quickly and file for the right kind of protective order. An initial hearing will be scheduled soon after you file your paperwork.

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