Pop Star Beyonce’s Father Received Reduction for Child Support

While child support is often an integral building block for a child’s life, payments also hinge upon the parent’s financial ability. If payments are higher than a Texas parent can afford, that doesn’t generally benefit eitherparty. In some instances, going back to court for a reduction in child support payments may be the best course of action for some parents.

Recently, pop star Beyonce Knowle’s father, Matthew Knowles, has been in the spotlight because of his back child support payment that he owes for his son. He was responsible for $12,000 a month for the son that he fathered outside of his first marriage. However, this amount was based off of his income while he was acting as his daughter’s manager. He was fired from that position in 2011.

However, Knowles’ child support payments were never amended, and he was still expected to continue making the payments that had been decided based off of his former income. After returning to court, he was able to have his payments cut down to reflect his current financial ability. He now only owes his son’s mother $2,500 a month, which retroactively affects his owed back pay to Feb. 2013.

While most parents want the best for their children, it is sometimes just not financially possible to meet the court-ordered payments. As was the case with Knowles, the loss of a high-paying job resulted in his inability to keep up with his payments. In some instances, it may be appropriate for a Texas parent to seek a reduction in their child support payments, such as the inability to pay based on changes in a non-custodial parent’s financial situation.

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