Parole Revocation

Parole Violation Defense

If you have been served with a blue warrant — or a parole revocation warrant — in Texas, talk to a criminal defense attorney about your legal options. A parole revocation warrant may mean automatic arrest and incarceration for the parolee. It is important to carefully consider your legal options if you are faced with this situation.

The attorneys at Schneider Law Firm represent individuals faced with a parole revocation warrant. We can help you explore your legal options whether you have been charged with a new crime or if you are accused of a technical violation. Please contact our Fort Worth parole revocation lawyers online today to learn more.

Representation in Parole Revocation Hearings

You may be facing imprisonment again if you are convicted of another crime or technical violation. However, before you return to prison, you may be entitled to a preliminary hearing and a parole hearing. It is then decided if conditions of the parole were violated. Based on the findings, the board may revoke parole, require additional supervision, reverse a previous revocation, or take any number of other actions.

To ensure that your rights are protected through the hearings process, you should work with an attorney who has specific experience handling these parole revocations. Our lawyers can carefully review the details of your case and determine a strong course of legal action on your behalf.

Schneider Law Firm also provides initial parole hearing representation. If you or a family member is up for parole, talk to an attorney from our firm to learn how we can help.

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