There are many Texas couples ready to take the plunge and say yes — to divorce. Chances are, many of them put off filing for fear of uncertainties about the future. It is completely normal to feel unsettled by the changes brought on by divorce, but the future may be brighter than you think. One recent study suggests that life may even be better after a divorce.

Researchers found that many people experience a richer and fuller appreciation of life after certain forms of hardship — including divorce. The study looked at data obtained from nearly 15,000 participants. Respondents were questioned about their exposure to divorce or other hardships such as the loss of a loved one.

Those in the study were then exposed to different positive scenarios in hopes of determining their ability to have a positive outlook and achieve a measurable level of happiness. The study showed that those who have been through past negative experiences such as divorce often are able to savor everyday positive scenarios. Not surprisingly, they were able to do so more often than those who were still struggling with various challenges.

The study suggests that the process of weathering a negative experience may give individuals an enhanced ability to appreciate the smaller joys of life, leading to an increased level of overall happiness. Many Texas spouses who are considering divorce may find that leaving an unhappy relationship could lead to a future that is far more fulfilling, on multiple levels. Using this perspective, delaying divorce only serves to delay a fuller appreciation of the years ahead.

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