My Divorce Is Uncontested. Can I Do It Myself?

In an uncontested divorce, couples not only agree to get divorced, but they agree on all the other issues of divorce. For example, they agree on a property settlement that divides marital assets and debts and they agree on a custody arrangement for their children. 

If you believe your divorce to be uncontested, you might be wondering if you can handle your divorce yourself. Is that a possibility? Can you get a divorce without an attorney?

Why You Should Avoid a DIY Divorce

While it’s possible to get a divorce without an attorney, it’s not recommended. Even if you and your spouse seem to agree on every aspect of your divorce, opinions and feelings may change during the process. You may waste time and money on a DIY divorce, only to need to hire an attorney after all.

This is only one of the downsides of trying to DIY your divorce. Other dangers of going it alone include:

  • Improper division of assets: Dividing property can be complex, especially if you have an inheritance or separate property that is now a marital asset. Trying to divide the property yourself can leave you without your fair share of marital property.
  • Custody agreements that don’t work: If you have children, you’ll need to come up with a parenting plan between you and your ex-spouse. Complexities such as tedious work schedules can make creating a schedule difficult to complete on your own. And a custody arrangement that doesn’t work will require modification through court later, costing you more time and money.
  • Additional stress: Divorce is stressful and emotional. Trying to DIY your divorce can add additional stress as you try and move forward.

A Courtroom Dispute Isn’t the Only Option for Divorce

Many people consider a DIY divorce because they fear the drama of the courtroom. If this is you, rest assured that not every divorce requires a court battle. 

If you and your spouse can work amicably, you may be able to finalize your divorce through mediation or arbitration. An experienced attorney can help you decide which path is best for you and your family.

Considering a Divorce? Reach Out to Our Fort Worth, TX Attorneys.

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