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Modifying Child Support

What You Need to Know About Modifying Child Support

It is possible to modify child support – either up or down – if individual parties affected by child support experience a significant change in circumstances. For example, if one parent suddenly loses his or her job and cannot afford child support, the amount may be reduced after seeking a child support modification. There are many other reasons why individuals may seek to modify child support.

The Schneider Law Firm, P.C., represents individuals in child support and related legal matters. If you are seeking to modify child support, you must first seek approval from Texas family courts. It is advisable to speak to a lawyer to determine your specific options for seeking a modification.

Contact one of our child support modification attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

When Can Child Support Be Modified?

Texas family courts will carefully consider the reason(s) why parties are seeking to modify a child support order. Keep in mind, however, that despite your alleged changes in circumstances, the court makes its determination with a focus on the best interests of the child involved. The financial well-being of the children is always considered.

Some common reasons why the court may approve a child support modification include:

  • A significant increase or reduction in income
  • A change in the child’s financial needs
  • A change in child custody

To learn more about seeking a child support modification, please contact a family law attorney in our law office today.


  • Great Lawyer in court and out

    Had a tough interstate custody case with my ex. Mike was awesome and made sure my kid end up here with me where he belonged. Highly recommend.


  • E. Jenkins

    In the summer of 2013 I found myself visiting multiple legal firms in the FTW area. I was searching for the perfect person and firm to represent me. I was filing for custody of my very young daughter. When I met Melissa Swan, I knew that my search was over. She immediately had a game plan and made me feel very secure. Anytime I had a question, Priscilla and Jason made sure that it was answered in a timely manner. We spent less than a year, and after it was all said and done, I have primary custody of my daughter. I would say hiring Ms. Swan and Schneider Law Firm was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.

    E. Jenkins
  • B. Davis

    In 2012 I found myself looking for a lawyer. I found Schneider Law Firm. I went in for my consultation, and then met with Melissa Swan. Melissa is very understanding and handled my case with care.

    B. Davis
  • R. Carson

    My lawyer was Alison Porterfield she was the best thing that could have ever happened to my family during our custody battle. She was so proficient and caring.

    R. Carson
  • A. Hoover

    Absolutely the best law firm around when it comes to Family Law. I first came into contact with Melissa Swan in 2013 and I only wish our paths would have crossed way before. Melissa is outstanding and has been a total lifesaver for my daughter and myself. She, along with Priscilla and Laurie have gone above and beyond. I would highly recommend Melissa Swan.

    A. Hoover
  • K. Whitworth

    Bria Wallace represented me in a family case. I would and have recommended her to many friends who were or have been in the same situation as I was. She is very professional and honest. She helped me get the most precious thing back to me. Thank you Bria.

    K. Whitworth
  • N. Dood

    Melissa Swan was absolutely brilliant at handling a family law appeal judgement for me. Appeals in family court are VERY difficult, but she cared enough to really dig deep and make a bullet-proof appeal case and WINNING! Would highly recommend.

    N. Dood
  • K. Holloway

    Melissa swan did great ! Won our child custody case hands down. Rough start finding right attorneys but finished strong .Also won our child support case too ,in same case.

    K. Holloway
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