Military Divorce More Likely for Female Service Members

Due to the stress of the job and constant separation, military members may seem to have a higher rate of divorce than civilians do. Female military members, in particular, tend to divorce at a much higher rate than their male counterparts. In fact, those in Texas might be shocked to learn that military divorce is three times higher for women than it is for men.

For the most part, local military spouses groups can be a tremendous help to new or incoming spouses to a base. However, it has been pointed out that these groups are generally intended for women. This can potentially ostracize male spouses who are married to female service members, which only adds on to the load that most military marriages already struggle with.

During deployments, a spouse left at home often must cope with feelings of loneliness. It has recently come to light that men may experience this even more so than women. Large groups of female spouses can leave them feeling as though they’re not only without their wife but that they’re also out of place.

Feelings of not belonging and extreme isolation can sometimes play a key role in military divorce in Texas. Military divorces may need extra time and attention to specific details, such as how joint assets will be divided or, more importantly, child custody issues. With at least one spouse constantly on the move for their job, during divorce proceedings, it is imperative for both parties to iron out a detailed and comprehensive child custody agreement that will best suit both the child and the military lifestyle of one or both parents.

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