An Army drill sergeant doesn’t easily accept “no” for an answer; especially if the matter involves him getting custody of his baby daughter.

Though the diligent dad in question recently won his long-fought child custody battle far from us in Fort Worth, his story has won hearts across the nation.

The South Carolina soldier was recently united with his 22-month-old girl after she had been given up for adoption when she was born — given up by the mother without his consent or knowledge.

The 31-year-old dad began efforts to try to gain custody of his baby from a Utah couple trying to adopt her. The couple’s attorney said their ordeal has been “extremely difficult” and that they plan to appeal the decision awarding custody to the dad.

The sergeant and the baby’s mother were married in Texas in 2010. But they were having marriage problems even before he was given a transfer to Fort Jackson in South Carolina.

The pregnant wife, who has a child from a previous relationship, told her husband that she should have an abortion or put the baby up for adoption; options he rejected.

He left for South Carolina, expecting his wife and new baby to follow. After his departure, however, his wife contacted an adoption agency and began the legal process of giving up the baby she was about to have.

A short while later, she gave birth in Utah, and without telling her husband, surrendered the baby for adoption. He only found out three months later when the estranged couple spoke.

The Utah couple had meanwhile had had the baby placed with them and filed an adoption petition. The sergeant objected to the petition.

The Utah couple says the dad has shown little interest in his daughter over the 19 months they had her.

In the eyes of many, the dad’s actions will undoubtedly speak louder than the couple’s claims.

He notes that he has nothing against the Utah couple, who he said did a good job with his girl.

The story of a military dad fighting for his parental rights will be continued at a hearing on the couple’s appeal.

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