Legal Tools for Fighting Domestic Violence in Texas

If you’re in a relationship and your partner makes you feel unsafe–through physical abuse, emotional abuse, gaslighting you, isolating you from friends and family or in any other way–the lawyers at the Schneider Law Firm, P.C., are determined to protect you.

Our attorneys help survivors of domestic violence by using the legal tools that Texas courts make available. We can help you understand what these tools are and take steps to use them efficiently, protecting you and your family.

Protective Orders

One of the tools available is the petition for a protective order (which people also call a “restraining order”). In cases of family violence, we can file a request for a protective order on your behalf to protect you or your children, as well as your pets. Protective orders are an option for many people, including a victim who is related to the offender, living with the offender, or has a child with the offender.

There are several types of protective orders:

  • Temporary restraining orders: These can be granted by the court very quickly and remain in place for 14 days. 
  • Permanent protective orders: If you feel you need a longer protective order, you can ask a judge for a permanent order for protection, which lasts two years. To do this, you and your attorney will need to attend a second hearing.
  • Sexual assault protective orders (SAPOs): These can last from two years to a lifetime. They require the perpetrator to say 200 yards away from where you live, work or go to school.

Safety Planning

Domestic violence experts recommend that you have a safety plan in place. A safety plan is a practical plan for staying safe while you are in a relationship, while you are leaving that relationship or after you have left. Many people can be part of your safety plan, including your friends and family, coworkers and boss.

It’s important to have a safety plan in place because, in times of stress, adrenaline can keep you from thinking clearly. If you have rehearsed different scenarios, you’ll be more likely to think clearly and follow the plan you practiced.

Need Domestic Violence Help?

If you think you might need help escaping domestic violence, talk confidentially with one of our lawyers. At the Ft. Worth office of the Schneider Law Firm, P.C., our attorneys can answer your questions about the legal protections available to you, guide you through the legal system and help you achieve the best possible results. Call 817-755-1852 or send us a message to talk with us about your situation.