When a Texas couple goes through a divorce, the list of tasks that require attention can seem endless. There are innumerable decisions that must be made and details to take care of, so much so that many feel overwhelmed at the mere prospect of adding to those chores. However, once the divorce has been made final, there are several additional paperwork matters that must be attended to.

One of the most important things for a newly divorced spouse to do is to make a comprehensive list of all accounts that are held in the names of both parties. This list differs for each couple, but common accounts include investment holdings, employment benefits and even utilities such as power and water supply. In most cases, many of these accounts will be addressed during the divorce proceedings. However, it is easy to miss smaller accounts, such as frequent flyer miles or other rewards programs.

Another important thing to remember is to update your “in case of emergency” contacts. In the event of a serious injury or other emergency, make sure that the individuals listed as your emergency contacts are the people who you intend to make significant decisions on your behalf. This is also a great time to draft or update medical power of attorney or living will documents.

A Texas divorce brings on a great many issues to consider. However, those who reach the end of their marriage and then begin to consider these and similar “final” paperwork matters should view these tasks as something akin to a final stretch toward the finish line. Once the last item has been checked off of the lengthy but important “to do” list, attention can be turned toward one’s new life as a single person.

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