If I Get Remarried, Will That Affect My Spousal or Child Support Obligations?

After the big decisions of a divorce are made, the tension that previously existed seems to calm down and life eventually starts to feel normal again. But get remarried and everything can get turned upside down once more.

While it’s certainly a big change, remarriage after divorce shouldn’t be avoided simply because you fear potential conflicts. Because spousal and child support obligations are some of the most obviously affected aspects of a divorce when a remarriage does occur, the court has specific ways of handling them.

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Will I have to pay more money now that I’m remarried?

Spousal support and child support are handled slightly differently from one another in light of a remarriage. Child support remains a constant, regardless of when you get remarried. Simply because you now have additional income from your new spouse does not mean that you will be required to pay more money.

Your new spouse’s income will not change how much you pay. Contrary to popular belief, it cannot be added into your income to calculate a new and higher support payment.

Spousal support, on the other hand, is affected by getting remarried. If you are paying alimony and your supported spouse gets remarried, you can stop making support payments immediately. You do not have to wait for the court to change your orders.

It should be noted that if you have any past due support payments, the court will require you to pay those before ceasing altogether. Additionally, alimony that was ordered in a lump sum amount will also have to be paid.

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