Within a marriage, Texas couples will go through a wide range of ups and downs. Life presents many challenges, and it is normal for individuals to encounter struggles, both on their own and within their marriage. There are some issues, however, that suggest a deeper disconnect between husband and wife, and may portend a divorce.

One issue that goes beyond simple marital strife involves a pervasive sense of sadness or anxiety surrounding one’s marriage. While there is a range of “normal” emotional expressions, ongoing negative feelings can point to a root problem between spouses. For spouses who are experiencing these types of feelings, it may be beneficial to work with a therapist to get to the root of the matter.

Another issue that suggests irreparable damage within a marriage involves one or both spouses looking for connections with others. This often is a surprise to the individual who experiences it, and is not a normal part of his or her daily life. Even when the urge to start a new relationship is not followed through upon, once spouses begin to see romantic possibilities in other people, the marriage is often doomed.

For Texas spouses who believe that their marriage is no longer viable, the path ahead can feel uncertain. The best course of action is to learn more about the divorce process and gauge the likely outcomes of ending the marriage. Moving forward with a firm understanding of the road ahead can make the process of ending a marriage far easier to weather.

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