No one denies that divorce can be a very emotional process. Even where couples know that they willbe happier apart, it is still a big change in life that can be difficult. This is why not only a knowledgable attorney but a fair and attentive attorney can significantly help throughout the process — and it is rewarding to them to ensure that their client’s interests are protected and to know that they have helped.

That rewarding feeling is exactly what kept one Fort Worth judge loving his job. He said that it was considered a rare day when he felt like he didn’t want to go to work. “It’s been the best job I could imagine,” said District Judge Randy Catterton as he talked about his decision to retire.

Judge Catterton began his career as a family law attorney who worked for 20 years helping Fort Woth families with issues such as finding child custody, property division and modifications. As a judge, those who were asked described him as being fair.

The judge said that using a little understanding of the differences of every family situation. Understanding doesn’t mean that hard decisions are skipped. In some cases a difficult decision has to be made, and the judge was described as someone who did it with respect.

The judge also looked back at his career and talked about how things had changed since he began. For instance, he noted that it has become a world of paper, but that it wasn’t a bad thing.

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