Fastest Way Out Of A Marriage

Uncontested Divorce

You may have heard that divorces take years to sort and finalize. But if you and your spouse seem to have it all worked out, the fastest way to a divorce is through an agreed divorce also known as an uncontested divorce. Uncontested means you both agree on the division of assets and child custody.

From the date your attorney files the petition for divorce you must wait sixty days before the divorce can be finalized. In that time you and your spouse’s attorney can tailor a divorce decree to suit the way you both agree to split the assets and child custody. If for some reason this process brings up a disagreement on assets or custody that cannot easily be resolved or remedied, the divorce becomes contested and the judge gets involved in sorting out the matter. This is when divorces start to become lengthy drawn out processes. However, if you and your spouse know and agree on how you want everything divided, the process can be done relatively quickly.

Simple Agreed Divorce

In Texas there is no such thing as legally separated so if you and your spouse have agreed to part ways, the quickest legal method is an uncontested divorce. If you are considering an agreed divorce to fast track the split with your spouse, call Schneider Law Firm to set up your free 30-minute consult with one of our experienced divorce attorneys.

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