A bizarre case may change the way state law is enacted in cases of child support. A Texas man wrongly accused of rape has been awarded compensation from the state, and his ex-wife has taken to a courtroom to recover what she believes is her rightful piece of that payout. She is suing for child support for the former couple’s progeny.

The man in question served twenty-four years of a life sentence for a series of rapes for which he was convicted in the late 1980s. He was later exonerated by additional evidence, but sued against Texas legislature for compensation. He was eventually awarded $6 million, though a portion of that was eaten up by additional legal difficulties.

His ex-wife, with whom he sought a divorce in 1992, is now seeking what she claims to be unpaid child support bills from the man’s tenure in prison. His ex-wife, who has since reverted to her maiden name, was awarded $150,000 by a Texas court last year, but she is appealing the decision. While there is apparently no animosity between the two individuals, the court case continues, and it is expected to be taken to Texas’ highest authority before it is resolved.

While this case represents a rather unique and extreme example, Texas residents going through a divorce with children involved know that child support can be a very complicated issue. It may benefit both parties to seek support in creating an equitable plan to ensure any children of a union are taken care of. Ultimately, the well-being of the children is of paramount importance in any scenario.

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