Divorce Viable Option for Depression, Chronic Marital Stress

For various reasons, some individuals might feel compelled to stay in a marriage that has become exceptionally stressful. New research indicates that this may not be the best route for Texas couples. While a divorce might mean the end of a marriage, it can also be the start of renewed health.

It is a common thought that marriage can positively impact health. However, researchers set out to discern whether or not that common knowledge always holds true. After the conclusion of an 11-year study involving married couples, they found that stress in a marriage can cause individuals to be particularly susceptible to depression.

The researchers ascertained their results by comparing questionnaires filled out by participants at the beginning of the study to an assessment for depression nine years later. After two more years, passed they were subjected to a test that assessed emotional responses in individuals. Those who suffered from marital stress on a regular basis displayed an increased level of difficulty when responding to pictures of a positive nature. For the researchers, this indicated a significant symptom of depression.

Researchers have cautioned that their study does not show an absolute causation from marital stress to depression, but it may be a significant factor. Marital stress, which can vary from couple to couple, may become overwhelming for some Texas individuals. In instances of irreconcilable marital stress that appears to be pushing one or both parties to mental illness, a divorce might be the best course of action for married couples struggling with chronic stress in order to return to a more healthful mental state.

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