Most couples in Texas who are contemplating divorce or are going through the process of dissolving their marriage, would never believe the process could take multiple years to complete. Once a couple agrees to divorce, the parties normally attempt to complete the process as quickly as possible. Dividing assets, deciding upon child custody matters, as well as discussing other points become important to successfully dissolving a marriage.

Two law professors have been fighting in court for 17 years attempting to come to a resolution in their divorce proceedings. Reports say they have fought over many things including child custody. Judges involved with the case have stated their disdain at the length of time the proceedings have taken and feel these professors have set a bad example for others.

While 17 years in court is certainly not typical in divorce proceedings, some couples can take an extended time to make decisions regarding how to dissolve their marriage. Decisions regarding child custody, monetary assets, property and even who gets the pets, can make for difficult conversations when a couple begins a divorce. Even in the case of a couple having a prenuptial agreement, decisions can still be difficult and take time.

Texas couples dealing with the many difficulties of a divorce can face decisions which could be described as exasperating. Couples could consider alternative forms of mediation or collaborative divorce in the case of a time consuming and difficult marital split. In some cases a court could be beneficial in helping couples determine the final details in a divorce.

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