Collaborative Divorce may Benefit Texas Divorces

The history of divorce is generally seen as a combative ordeal. Some may think of divorce in Texas as a wife and husband pitted against each other, embroiled in a fight over who gets the house or the dog. Recently, a movement inside of the state has enacted a shift to change that image. Instead, more and more Texas divorcees are being encouraged to engage in what some call a collaborative divorce.

There are multiple reasons that collaborative divorces may benefit divorcing couples. In particular, if children are involved in the dissolving marriage, excessive fighting over aspects can tear time and attention away from their well-being. One counselor points out that it is highly beneficial if two divorcing parents can still speak to each other for the benefit of their children.

Furthermore, angry people sometimes just make bad decisions. Collaborative divorces seek to combat this by ensuring that impartial third parties are part of most negotiations. Financial planners are generally welcomed into collaborative divorce negotiations, as the serious financial undertaking that most divorces turn out to be may be the largest that either party deals with during their life.

There are some definite positives to collaborative divorces. If two divorcing parties can manage to stay civil throughout the process, then they may be able to avoid the extra cost of bickering over assets or even going to court. Especially if the couple has any children, working together during the divorce might even be most important for their sake. Although every case is different, there are some divorcing Texas couples who may be able to benefit from a collaborative divorce, which can help with many aspects of divorce such as child custody arrangements and avoiding court.

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