Sole Custody

Work With an Attorney for Sole Custody

The involvement of children in a divorce amplifies an already difficult life event and the words “sole custody” can send chills down any parents back. Whether your spouse is fighting for custody, or you believe that it is in the best interests of your children to maintain full custody, it is important to seek out a qualified child custody lawyer to assist with your case.

When your future and the future of your children is on the line, you should not be expected to work with just any old attorney. At the Schneider Law Firm our team is the best of the best. With awards that back up the legal representation we have been providing for years, you can feel confident placing your custody case in our hands.

What is sole custody?

Sole custody includes both legal and physical custody which means that the child lives primarily with one parent who also makes all major decisions for the child. The parent who is awarded full custody is given the right to make decisions such as where the child will live, the child’s education, if the child will be involved in extracurricular activities, the religion of the child, and the healthcare the child will receive.

Although Texas courts typically encourage joint custody whenever possible, there are circumstances that make sole custody necessary.

The following situations may require sole custody:

  • The other parent has a history of violence or neglect
  • The other parent struggles with drug or alcohol abuse
  • One parent is not in favor of joint custody
  • Extreme discord exists between both the child and the other parent

If one parent strongly believes sole custody is the best decision, they do have the ability to petition the court.

Support from a Firm Who Cares

The Schneider Law Firm is passionate about family law and understands the significance of all custody decisions. If sole custody is something your child might benefit from, our child custody attorney is equipped to represent you.

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