Child Custody Disputes Finally Receive Court Time in Texas

Following up on a story that was posted on this blog on Feb. 17, 2014, those who have experienced interference with child custody agreements may finally be getting the help they need. On that post, we discussed how some Texas parents were having difficulty getting authorities to take action when the other parent ignored the rules outlined in a custody agreement. Those child custody dispute s may finally be dealt with.

One father reported that police never seemed to be able to help him when it was his time to have his children, but his wife refused to hand them over. Authorities insisted that it was a civil matter, which is something that they can’t deal with. During the course of a two-year period, he filed over a dozen reports to the police, but they never took action.

Now he says that there has been a change. He was reportedly informed that his case was suddenly going to be prosecuted by the DA’s department. This is a huge change from the previous policy that instructed officers to continually point desperate parents back to the family court where help never seemed to materialize. Local authorities have confirmed the change in policy.

Custody agreements may be one of the most important matters that two parties hammer out during the course of a divorce. However, child custody disputes can arise if one or both parents refuse to follow the schedule and stipulations outlined in the previously approved custody agreement. For some Texas parents, returning to court to revisit the terms and schedule of a custody agreement may enable both parents to more closely follow any and all stipulations, and this might ensure a smoother transition for all children involved.

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